Sunday, 3 January 2010

Doosra Annual Award 2009

Dhoni could not believe it. Sehwag didn't like it. Pietersen rather resented it and Dirk Nannes was quite livid.

I assured them justice delayed is justice denied alright but they need not harbour similar insecurity about Doosra annual awards.

So without much ado, here goes the 2009 gongs:

1. Hosiery Society's Rookie Designer of the Year: Andrew Flintoff, for his socks;

2. Lingerie Wholesaler Association's Newcomer of the Year: Shane Warne, for his brief designs;

3. Youngest Grandpa Citation: Sachin Tendulkar;

4. M(e)an Booker Prize: Justin Langer, for his dossier on English cricketers;

5. Social Networker of the Year: Phil Hughes, for his Twittergate.

6. Honorary Doctorate: Sunil Gavaskar for diagnosing that the butter-finger Indians are incapable of even catching cold.

7. Quisling Memorial Trophy for Fifth Columnist of the Year: Virender Sehwag, for supporting opponents in close ties.

8. The inaugural Regit Sdoow Cup: Kevin Pietersen for being the perfect husband and seeking leave to watch his wife's dance prorgamme on TV. (Regit Sdoow is Tiger Woods reversed, for the uninitiated).

9. Thomas Edison Medal: Tillakaratne Dilshan for inventing ‘Dilscoop’.

10. Lord Snooty of the Year: Ram Gopal Verma, for mistaking Dhoni for an aspiring actor;

15. Cricketer Sans Border Plaque: Dirk Nannes, for effortlessly two-timing Netherlands and Australia.

16. Noam Chomsky Medal: Again Dirk Nannes, for being the only Japanese-speaking cricketer.

(Read Doosra Annual Award 2008 here)


Purna said...

I demand you give Sulieman Benn an award.

Som said...

Purna, I accept that's a criminal mistake on my part. How about Gandhi peace award for Benn?

Purna said...

Or the George Bush peace award!

Som said...

Purna, I would rather give George Bush English Grammar award to Sehwag. What say?

Sunny Verma said...

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Anonymous said...

How about we just release Benn from his island prison and make him PM of Barbados?

How about the Green Award for the best impression of a tree to Shane Watson?

Purna said...

Yes Som, that would be apt.

Som said...

Sidthegnomenator, I don't know if sitting in New Delhi and being an India qualify me to be part of a West Indian election. But Benn has my vote.

Regarding Watson, I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Spare the man-in-form.:)

Som said...

Purna, I knew I can count on your support:)