Saturday 8 September 2012

Bollywood: Lost In Translation!

This is one of those mindlessly stupid posts which any intelligent blogger would decline to be seen dead in the ditch with.

When Doosra eventually makes it really big, this is the kind of post critics would dig up and shake at the poor blog to embarrass it.

Fully aware of these scary consequences, Doosra still presents this collection of translated Bollywood dialogues, triggered by a Twitter hashtag.

1. Work-shy, anti-cereal ~ Kam ka na kaj ka dushman anaj ka;

2. Lateness? Maybe but no powercut in temple ~ Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai andher nahi;

3. If you are Truman Jr, come to the fore ~ Asli mard ka bachcha hai to samne aa;

4. Mr Dagar, I still don’t accept a Rupee that keeps falling against Dollar ~ Dagar Saab, mai aaj bhi feke huye paise nahi uthata;

5. Stay alive girl. Milk-o, bathe-o, flower-o, fruit-o ~ Jeete raho beti. Dudho nahao phoolo phal-o.

6. Suicidal jackal is generally city-bound ~ Gidhad ka jab maut ata hai to who shehar ki taraf bhagta hai;

7. “I’ve consumed your salt, chief”. “Now bite the bullet!” ~ Sholay gem.

8. Lend me a hand, Thakur! ~ Sholay gem.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

7 Teacher’s Day Tributes!

Teacher’s Day is probably the only occasion when you don't mind Navjot Singh Sidhu going "Oye chhaa gaya guru..."

Well, below is the collection of seven Teacher’s Day tributes:

1. Happy Teacher's Day ~ John Abraham to Mayawati's statue #expression;

2. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Michael Phelps to Bappi Lahiri. #gold;

3. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Tiger Woods to ND Tiwari. #sexcapades;

4. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Arnab Goswami to Durvasa. #outrage;

5. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Shakti Kapoor to Vladimir Nabokov. #Lolita

6. Happy Teacher's Day ~ Swami Agnivesh to Morarji Desai #swamutra

7. Happy Teacher's Day Guru Dronacharya. Mujh se cheating kar ke aapko kya mila? Thenga! ~ Ekalavya.