Wednesday 22 January 2014

Afridi's Secret Diary: Back After A Whale

I'm returning back after a whale. Was busy like nobody's business and losted this dairy which I thinked our family goat have eated. I'm joy it's alive and I can right again. The goat is not aliving though, we eated the testy animal.

Many things happened in the last some months of the past. In the first in cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is no more. (My girl daughter telling me 'no more' is uncorrect. It should be "no more playing cricket". This kids. They may be little in age but you teach so much from them. Kids are like kidneys, be there caretaker).

Ok, Tendulkar being retired. But he doing it only once and I done it so many times that you need toes also to count. Some times I am not knowing weather I am playing or retiring. At list in one field, I'm before of Tendulkar like nobody's business.

People say cricket will be pour without Sachin. Same time, he will be pour without cricket. Arrey, he not getting match fees and advertisemens like olden days.

In other hand, Australia win Ashes like nobody's business. I not unaccepted it. I thinked England having good form and Australia having very little good form.

Mitchell Johnson bowled liked nobody's business. He wanting like keeling England's batsmans. And that intimating mousetouch! Waise I too having mousetouch. I not saving daily. Not because I wanting to shave money. I wanting to keep a stable which pupil think is cold. (Girl daughter telling me it's not 'cold' but 'cool'. Read it cool, ok? He will be happy. Kids are like kidneys, make those happy)

Also in the middle time, Imran Khan lossed election. It was bad. Wins and losses are part of cricket. But not in politics. Their you are a looser if you loose. But I like him like nobody's business. And he is still being free, dislike Musharraf who can anytime go jail which is either good or bad.

No more righting today. Wish all my fans a pieceful happy new year.

Saturday 18 January 2014

"...And miles to go before I sleep" and 7 variations

"...And miles to go before I sleep"

Now why on earth Robert Frost felt it necessary to share his sleeping habits with us is something we'd never know but as luck would have it, the seven-word-sentence mentioned above happens to be one of the most quoted lines of poetry.

Below are the seven variations of the line from Frost's "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening":

1. Miles to go before I sleep ~ Kumbhakarna.

2. Miles to go before eye-to-eye sleep ~ Tahir Shah

3. Inches to go before I sleep ~ HD Deve Gowda

4. Smiles to go before I sleep ~ Navjot Sidhu

5. Kilometres to go before I sleep ~ Staunch metric system supporter

6. Miles to go before iSleep ~ Apple generation

7. Frequent flier miles to go before I sleep ~ Pratibha Patil

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Seven 'Sholay 3D' Twists

Tarun Tejpal always wanted to be a journalist but on Friday, he wished he were Sholay 3D.

At least Sholay 3D was released.

Doosra has reliably learnt the film is not completely old wine in new bottle. Apparently, the makers of the film have made a few changes to the original script to prevent boredom and the seven major tweaks are:-

1. Tutored by Viru, Basanti wins women's 50m pistol gold at 2016 Rio Olympics.

2. Hema Malini convinces Gabbar Singh to buy a Kent water purifier.

3. Sanjay Dutt makes a brief appearance, freed on parole so that he can come and console a bereaved Thakur whose family Gabbar has wiped out.

4. Serial tobacco-chewer Gabbar Singh dies of oral cancer, sparing 24-year-old Mukesh a gruesome death from the same at the film's interval.

5. Hugely impressed by Arnab Goswami, Gabbar Singh rephrases his iconic query: "The nation wants to know, kitney aadmi the?"

6. Imam's son Ahmed Mian finds employment under NREGA scheme and doesn't have to leave for city and get killed by Gabbar's men on his way.

7. A.K. Hangal asks "Itna sannata kyun hai bhai" and is promptly reminded that he had strayed into a Titan showroom and the correct pronunciation is "Sonata".