Tuesday 2 March 2010

Shahid Afridi’s Secret Diary: Walker Bhai

Semifinally a good news. Don’t giggle. Semifinally b’coz nothing is final in Pakistan cricket.

Coming to the gully…I mean…coming to the point…Walker Younis is going to be our new coach.

I’m joy. He is the need of the our. I liken Walker Bhai like nobody’s business. What you say in English…yes…we really gel oil.

He told me other day he has GOT three kids. I don’t know where he GOT them. Always thought they were his own. Now seems Walker Bhai adapted those baby Walkers.

By the way, Walker Bhai stays in Sydney. We most-wanted a new coach and we didn’t wanted any bloody outsider. So we got a Sydneysider.

Outsiders are always conspiring to die in a foreign hotel like nobody’s business and bringing us trouble. Woolmer did that. And then Police came like nobody’s business and asked all shorts of incomfortable questions.

I had fed up with old coach. Intikhab Alam was senile like nobody’s business. He forgots everything. He once asked me what happened to my glasses. I showed him my empty pocket and swored at him that I returned my glasses after drinking. Then he said he mistaked me for Zaheer Abbas!

He coached Indian Punjab team in Ranji Trophy. All along thoughting he was coaching Pakistani Punjab team! It is uneasy to share dressing room with such forget fools. So welcome Walker Bhai.

(P.S. I’ll tell Walker Bhai why we are losing like nobody's business. Our board is led by a Butt. Our innings is opened by a Butt. That’s why we always bring up the rear)


Gaurav Sethi said...

Oh boy, this is one madcap series!

Som said...

NC, toiling like nobody's business to pit Afridi against Anne Frank in a Battle of Diaries :)

Unknown said...

That was awesome, buddy!

The 'Butt' part was the best!

Soulberry said...

Som, you outdid yourself there!

I'm still in splits!

If you could make your short sweet blogs, like this one, into YouTubes...Russell Peters will have to run for covah!

pRAFs said...

i'm gonna lose my job, if i keep reading you at work!!

hilarious man, HILARIOUS!!

Som said...

Shridhar, you mean you could not take your eyes off that part?

Som said...

Soulberry, when I plan horror shows, I'll definitely go audio-visual:) BTW, thanks for keeping me going.

Som said...

pRAFs, once suggestion. Why not make your boss read it too? Thanks by the way:)

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Hiranya said...

this is funny like nobody's business... :)

Som said...

Hey Hiranya, thanks:) You made your comment debut here:)

Unknown said...

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deepoz said...

f@#$ing brilliant Som! I am laughing like nobody's business... semifinally! baby walker!! you beauty!

Som said...

Deep, thanks a lot:) BTW, adding you in my blogroll. Hapy bloggin g:)

Aditya said...

"Our board is led by a Butt. Our innings is opened by a Butt. That’s why we always bring up the rear."

Brilliant !

And maybe that is why they are the butt of all jokes as well!

btw, I have Blog-rolled you. Waiting for you to do the same :)
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