Monday, 31 March 2008

Chennai nail in Test cricket's coffin

Nearly 1500 runs -- one triple century, two tons and four half centuries – for 25 wickets and still you have a drab draw at the end of the day! ICC and BCCI must come up with a better way to slaughter Test cricket.

Over the five days, being a bowler seemed a curse. Thank God, Virender Sehwag did not get a chance to bat in the second innings.! And when he returned with the Man of the Match cheque, Sehwag probably had K Parthasarathy (curator), PR Vishwanathan (South Zone Pitch Committee representative) and Daljit Singh (Pitches and Grounds Committee Chairman) demanding their share of the pie.

It was a disastrous advertisement for Test cricket, which is already gasping for breath. The biggest myth in contemporary cricket is that sixes and fours draw crowd, which is far from the truth. Only a sadistic batsman can derive any satisfaction from such slogathon.

Well, the duel between bat and ball has never been fought on equal ground. But at least allow some semblance of parity. Has it ever been more lop-sided?

At the end of the exercise, you only have a bunch of willow wielders with inflated ego and illusion about their abilities, in sharp contrast to the tribe of bowlers, who return shorter by an inch or two, skeptical about their skill and cynical about the craft.

The dice is already so criminally loaded in favour of the batsmen that in every other day, bowlers regret choosing the wrong avocation.

a moment, let's forget cricket is just a game. Think it as a society and you would be horrified to notice how a weakened section of the society is being subjected to a state sponsored pogrom. The bowlers, it seems, are there just to play the canon fodder’s role.

I have a suggestion. Why don’t we do away with the bowlers altogether and make do with bowling machines? The fielders will be there, as will be the fielding captain, whose job would to operate the machine. I think the ICC Cricket Committee can give it a serious thought. What say?

Image: The Hindu


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