Thursday 20 March 2014

Yama-Yudhisthir Q&A1

The big daddy of all quiz shows featured Yudhisthir in the hot seat and Yaksha, Yama in disguise, as the quiz master.

There was no 'lifeline' and Yudhisthir still cracked the quiz. The prize was a trip to Malaysia but post-MH370, Yudhisthir got it swapped for Sodexo coupons.

Yama: What is agony?
Yudhisthir: Loading your plate with lentil salad, not because you like but for sheer peer pressure.

Yama: What is happiness?
Yudhisthir: Messing up bed in hotel room, safe in the knowledge that on your return in the evening, you'd find it neatly done and trampoline-taut.

Yama: What is regret?
Yudhisthir: The nagging feeling of not being able to make the most of a complimentary breakfast even after you’ve stuffing yourself beyond capacity.

Yama: What is envy?
Yudhisthir: The overwhelming emotion sloshing in a straphanger's bosom for the seated traveller in front.

Yama: What is humour?
Yudhisthir: A natural byproduct of another person’s agony.

Yama: Well done my boy. Here’s your coupon. Finally a personal question. Was that Draupadi with painted cheeks cheering for Chennai Super Kings last night?

Yudhisthir (silent): ....Well, since you’ve already seen her... yes.

(Beginning this new series, frequency of which is as uncertain as Ishant Sharma’s future.)


Unknown said...

I Like it.. again..

Unknown said...

I Like it.. again..

som said...

@Seema, thanks a lot, means a lot :)

Black is back said...

This was really funny! Only that I didn't understand one part.