Tuesday 20 October 2009

Champions League Googly

1. Which two players are playing for wrong CL teams?
Answer: Jon Holland and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

2. What is common to Dwayne Bravo and Howrah Bridge?
Answer: Both have Ganga under them. First in T&T lineup and the second in Kolkata.

3. Why Andrew Puttick's team won't win Champions League?
Answer: Because, National Geography swears, Cape Cobras thrive only in Southern Africa.

4. Why most T&T batsmen feel like islands in the dressing room?
Answer: Because they are surrounded by Ganga. And not just one but two!

5. Of all the articles written about them, which one T&T prefers?
Answer: A. Since it makes them AT&T.

6. Why T&T skipper Ganga is exasperated with the Bravo brothers?
Answer: Even when he yells "Bravo" in disgust, the brothers take it as a verbal pat.

7. 'Is' could have been the middle name of which two cricketers?
Answer: Simon Keen (NSW) and Vernon Philander (Cape Cobras).


Thiru Cumaran said...

You never fail to come up with some wisecrack, nay? =D

Som said...

CT, the vice is in the jeans...err..meant genes. Can't get the genie out of my genes.

Krish said...

Nice one!

Som said...

Krish, thanks:

Thiru Cumaran said...

hehe, u never disappoint, som!

Som said...

CT, thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Nice one mate....lol...:)

Som said...

Thanks Baiju. Hey, you are the Baiju and I'm the Bawra. How about starting a band? Jokes apart, welcome to Doosra and keep coming.