Wednesday, 28 March 2007

We Are Innocent: 'wanted" Pak fans plead

Two of the three Pakistani fans, who reportedly vanished from the team hotel in Kingston after Bob Woolmer’s murder, have re-appeared to plead innocence.

Both Erfan Chaudhary, a medical technician in New York, and Tariq Malik, a car dealer in Jamaica are shocked after Jamaican Police began searching for them. According to the Police, these two, along with another fan who is still missing, supplied halal meat and transportation to the cricketers.

Chaudhary, however, claimed he was not in Jamaica on that fateful day of March 18 when Woolmer was strangled to death in his hotel room.

"I was really shocked, obviously I had nothing to do with it as I wasn't even there. I went to Jamaica on March 12 for the first match and then I left on the 14th and went back to see the last match against Zimbabwe. On the second trip, I flew to Jamaica on the 20th and left on March 22," he told Mirror.

Malik, on the other hand, said "I didn't kill Bob, far from it. I'm here to help with the investigation, I'm innocent."

Police were still hunting for two other fans named Hamad Malik, thought to be from London, and Jundie Khan, from Florida.

Pakistan’s media manager Pervez Mir admitted he knew Chaudhary and Malik and insisted the two were innocent.

"Jundie Khan and Hamad Malik are not known to myself or any of the players. But Erfan Chaudhary is a close personal friend and I am outraged by the news he is being sought in connection with Bob Woolmer's murder. Tariq is also a very good friend of the team who cooks Halal food for the players," he said.

Meanwhile, the same daily claimed police would conduct a second autopsy on Woolmer's body.

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