Tuesday, 13 March 2007

"No English Please, We’re Pakistanis"

Inzamam-ul Haq’s post-match press conferences have often been a stress-buster for sports scribes with the burly Multani struggling with his English. Not known for their fluency in English, the Pakistanis have decided enough of making mockery of themselves and announced that they would conduct all World Cup interviews in Urdu. Grumpy foreign scribes can take a walk.

The recent communication gap took place when Danish Kaneria, lone Hindu player in the Pakistani side, was asked for comments on the gas leak in the team hotel. Kaneria wanted to play down the issue and said "It happens". Eventually in the media report, the spinner was quoted as saying "It happens at home as well".

Desperate to prevent further misunderstanding, the team think-tank decided to go Urdu and Pervez Jamil is a busy man these days, playing the dual role of media manager-cum-translator.

"I think they feel more comfortable speaking Urdu. It's their national language and they're proud of their country. Hopefully they'll be able to express themselves better", said Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer.

The International Cricket Council has given its nod and spokesman Brian Murgatroyd said ICC has no problem with it as long as there is a translator.

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