Thursday, 15 March 2007

Tabloids Face Mother’s Fury For Ridiculing Heavyweight Bermudian

Enough is enough. Allison Leverock lambasted a hostile press which derived much mirth from his son’s girth. Mother of giant Bermudan spinner Dwayne Leverock doesn’t understand why the press, especially the British tabloids, is after her son, calling her names -- 'Bermuda Pie-angle', 'Lard Before Wicket' and 'Owzfat'.

Allison was livid after someone made a reference to Eddie Murphy’s “Nutty Professor”. After all, her “Sluggo” had claimed the wickets of Kevin Pietersen and Paul Collingwood in the warm-up match to prove he may weigh in at 255 pounds but he is every ounce worth it!

And the press would do well to remember that Dwayne is a Police Constable by profession and drives a prison van when he doesn’t play cricket!

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