Saturday, 24 March 2007

Team India gets Big B(oost) from Small B

Some pelted poor Zaheer Khan’s restaurant in Pune, some are plotting another attack at Dhoni’s under-construction house in Ranchi (a place known more, in the pre-Dhoni days, for curing insanity and not abetting). Some are busy burning effigies and pasting tarred posters, while a few others have already tonsured head and performed last rites for Indian cricket.

There are a few sugar-coated bitter truth Team India would do well to realise. The mass adulation, the hysteria, the hype and hoopla con them into believing that Team India has a fan base that far outnumbers many African countries. And that’s a mind-blowing myth.

Those who paint their cheeks, carry little national flags, wake up at the wee hours and stay glued to their TV sets, devour every cricket report and argue over the game with friends till they have a sour throat – they can mislead one to believe that they are Team India fans. Reality is, they are Successful Team India supporters.

They hail and hang cricketers with equal fervour and India’s World Cup misadventure once again created such a scenario.

It was, however, a welcome break when Abhishek Bachchan, whose apparently lone cricket connection is starring in a movie called RUN, came out in defence of the beleaguered team, which, given a choice, might prefer to settle in any Caribbean island of their choice.

The Small B said he was upset with the ouster but then the boys gave it their best, so what if they failed?

"I have faced failure. And I know it is difficult to go out there and perform." So now you know where those pearls of wisdom came from!


Arindom said...

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Som said...

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