Friday, 23 March 2007

Donald Says Call Off World Cup, ICC Insists Show Must Go On

With Bob Woolmer’s murder casting a gloomy shadow all over the West Indies, the ongoing World Cup should be called off, said former South Africa spearhead Allan Donald. The ICC, however, is adamant that the show must go on.

Donald, who played under Woolmer for South Africa and at Warwickshire as well, felt the players won’t be in the right frame of mind since the revelation that Woolmer was strangled to death and so the competition should be called off.

"I just don't know how this World Cup can continue under the shadow of what's happened. World Cup 2007 will be forever remembered for this,” he told BBC Radio Five Live.

Donald, however, admitted that Woolmer himself would have wanted the Cup to go ahead but felt everyone would have this tragedy back of their mind.

"My personal opinion would have been to stop, but knowing Bob he would have wanted this to go ahead…I think everyone will continue this World Cup but, at the back of their minds, know that a tragedy took place."

Earlier, ICC Chief Executive Malcolm Speed announced in Kingston that despite the disturbing development, World Cup would go on as scheduled.

Donald said he was “pretty sick” at the news that his friend was murdered.

“I just hope the individuals or individuals are brought to justice because Bob was a great man and would never go to the lengths to put his life in danger. I just can't believe that people can go to these lengths about a game of cricket."

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