Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Breather for Inzy's men, sleuths now search for 3 Pak fans

(Mark Shields, with ICC CEO Malcolm Speed on his right)

The Bob Woolmer Whodunit is more and more looking like a Shane Warne over. You survive the first three balls - a googly, a zooter and a flipper –and you never know what to expect in the other half of the over.

Police now say that they have got nothing to doubt the cricketers. Rather they are looking for three Pakistani supporters who had been frequenting the Pegasus hotel till Woolmer’s murder, supplying Inzamam and his boys halal meat and transport. The trio seems to have vanished into thin air since Woolmer’s murder.

Police won’t confirm their involvement but Mark Shields said, “We're looking for them to eliminate them from inquiries."

Whatever happens to the trio, the Men in Green can now breathe little easy now that the needle of suspicion has moved to some other people.

“I have got no evidence to suggest it was anybody in the squad”, Shields said.

He, however, sticks to his view that “There is still a very strong possibility that [Woolmer] knew the person or persons (who killed him)."

From cricket enthusiast’s point of view, this has unfortunately been a World Cup where we’ve seen more of Shields than Lara.

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