Friday, 23 March 2007

Interrogation, Fingerprint And Now DNA Test For Pak Cricketers!

It surely could not have been worse for the Pakistani cricketers. First they were knocked out of the World Cup and then they lost their coach. And that was far from being the end of their woes.

After Jamaican Police revealed that Bob Woolmer was actually strangled to death, the cricketers were grilled in Kingston and fingerprinted before being allowed to fly out to Montego Bay after promising to cooperate the investigation from wherever they remain. And finally here comes the news that they would have to undergo DNA tests.

Media manager Pervez Mir was livid in Kingston, accusing section of the media of trying to project the cricketers as suspects. Naturally, he was again trying to downplay the DNA test and said, “It's one of those routine things they do, at least here in Jamaica as far as I'm informed.

“It's some sort of a swab that they put in your mouth and then put it in a plastic container. It takes about 25 seconds." There has been no indication from police that any of the team are suspects.”

Inzamam and his boys can’t be blamed for believing they just had the worst experience in any tournament ever.

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