Friday, 30 March 2007

Opt Out Before You Are Thrown Out: Ian Chappell tells Tendulkar

At times, you can’t do away with the clichés. And one goes – your retirement should be timed in such a way that people should ask WHY? And not WHY NOT!

Post-World Cup, Ian Chappell just told the same to Sachin Tendulkar.

Chapelli risks earning a 1.1 billion – that’s India’s population – enemies overnight. The former Aussie captain has told Tendulkar in clear terms that he’s been reduced to a caricature of his former self and it's time to consider hanging up his boots.

“Before anybody else makes a decision on what will happen to Tendulkar the player himself has to have a good long look in the mirror and decide what he’s trying to achieve in the game,” said Chappell, one of the sane voices in the highly volatile cricket world.

So far, some discerning people have been discussing it in the privacy of their drawing room. Even die-hard fans were praying he goes head held high and not hanging his head in shame.

Kapil once incurred the nation’s wrath when he mouthed the bitter truth that Sachin is past his prime and the “Haryana Hurricane” hinted it was time to go. Kapil, who himself hanged on to the scene for too long just for the sake of a record, may not have the moral high ground to preach so, but then he was probably sharing his experience.

Chappell goes on to draw an interesting parallel between Tendulkar and Brian Lara and says why the West Indian batting great, despite being four years senior to our Little Champion, remains a shining star.

Lara has managed to steer clear of major injuries and even after 17 years in the business, has remained more or less in his approach to the game. Sachin, on the other hand, had to mould himself to ensure his approach dovetails with his ageing body. Sachin has been -- to us, at times -- larger than the game itself but Chappelli surely has a point.

"If Tendulkar had found an honest mirror three years ago and asked the question; 'Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the best batsman of all?'
It would’ve answered; 'Brian Charles Lara.'

If he asked that same mirror right now; 'Mirror, mirror on the wall should I retire?'

The answer would be; 'Yes.'

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R A H U L said...

PAnd if ian chappell asks the same mirror,the answer would be sachin tendulkar,but for one day cricket.
Who is ian chappell?is he the same guy who was scared to come to india fearing his dismal performance against spinners.
Ian is not qualified enough to speak about SaChIn TeNdUlKaR...No need to ask any mirror,ask brian lara itself,he would also say that the best batsman in the world is sachin...ian,what a crappy logic...:))