Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Not the ideal homecoming for the Men in Green

So finally Inzamam and his teammates are flying home back and how!

“Bring a donkey for him and ask him to sit on it and roam him around the city,” one of the irate fans yelled, which evidently left Younis Khan red in the face after he had landed on the Karachi International Airport late Monday.

Mohd Younis, witnesses said, had his face partially covered by a scarf and he didn’t come out of the airport at all. Instead, he boarded a connecting flight to Lahore. Rest of his teammates are in two minds – whether to return now or wait for the seething anger to die down.

A horror movie script could not have been more horrible. The team first lost a match, then its coach and finally it’s regular captain. And what followed was sheer nightmare.

They were interrogated like petty criminals, had inks on their finger after being fingerprinted, had swabs forced into their mouth for DNA samples and then they almost got detained! Now that they have survived every possible humiliation just to return to the warmth of their family and friends, suddenly that very idea seems the most insulting of them all.

Cricket has never been more cruel to any side.

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