Thursday, 29 March 2007

Now al-Qaeda and D Company in Woolmer’s murder!

Conspiracy theorists had a gala time in the wake of the Bob Woolmer Whodunit and now “The Sun” tops it all, linking Woolmer’s murder to, hold your breath, al-Qaeda and Dawood Ibrahim for those who came in late, Dawood is a guy in oversize goggles and drooping moustache. He took match-fixing even beyond Sharjah and found a match for his daughter who happens to be Javed Miandad's son).

The tabloid claims a Pakistan-based bookie (spare that poor country, plz) was thrown out of Woolmer’s room after a spat with the coach. The same bookie was spotted with Anees Ibrahim, Dawood’s brother and right-hand, in Jamaica, claimed the report. And the bookie has vanished into thin air since Woolmer’s murder.

Hitman, poison, strangulation, gambling, match-fixing, murder, bookie, D-Company and even al-Qaeda. So, what’s next?

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