Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Of sledging, charity and nirvana

* Steve Waugh, Father of the Theory of Mental Disintegration, supports a house for kids of lepers;

* Glenn McGrath, Sheikh of Sledge, champions breast cancer awareness;

* Adam Gilchrist, leading Foulinguist of his era, bats for disabled kids;

...and now...hold your breath...

* Ricky Ponting, cricket's own sledge-hammer, bats for cancer kids.

Trust me, even in the darkest hour, I had never given up. I knew remorse will gnaw at their vitals for all the effing pleasantries these motormouths showered on their opponents. I clung on to the hope that good sense would eventually prevail and once self-realisation enlightens their soul, they would seek atonement.

And they did.

May it rinse, cleans and wash their sins away and help them attain perfect nirvana.



Ottayan said...


Som said...


Krish said...

Don't be so sure. Part of it is that they are cornered by NGO's at various events and functions, and they cannot say "No" all the time.

As for McGrath, he is doing it because of what happened to his wife.

Som said...

Krish, let give devil its due. You won't see too many Indians doing that.

straight point said...

must say these media managers make even wolf sound like sheep... :)

Som said...

SP, still it takes quite an effort to make an Indian cricketer do something like that.