Friday, 17 July 2009

Flintoff on a pedalo again!

This is not an ODI World Cup year. Nor has he a vice captaincy to shed.

More importantly, he looks sober and alone.

Freddie Flintoff still gets on a pedalo and it’s not even a sequel to the Pedalogate I.

Believing that the Australians are not capable of doing anything else, the mastermind of this deodorant advertisement shows two Aussies nicking Flintoff’s car and leaving a pedalo instead. Mind you, one of them looked like Michael Clarke’s cousin.

But Freddie the Flintstone could not care less as he gets on the pedalo, reviving memories of his booze cruise in the Caribbeans, and wades through a canal to reach destination.

The pedalo is up for grabs and the money will go to Flintoff's foundation.


riya manna said...
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Som said...

Riya, plz book a bouquet for Freddie on my behalf and put it on Sourav Ganguly's account. I'm sure Dada won't mind.

Satrajit said...

seems like retirement has proved too costly for Freddie. Left with no money to buy petrol and no sports brand to endorse.

Som said...

Satrajit, I didn't check his account but it might be the case. Anyway, now that he's free to play the entire IPL without the prospect of being called for national Test duty, that might take care of his fiscal woes.

Satrajit said...

Have sent u a mail on ur babumoshoy id. Wld request u to please revert.

Som said...

Satrajit, replied:)

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