Friday, 31 July 2009

Thank you Bhajji

Time for some quick confessions. Conscience cleansing, if you know what I mean.

Well, Doosra admits it has not been at its genial best when dealing with the Oz cricketers.

To its biased eyes, an Oz cricketer was complete only with protrusion on either side of the head and preferably a caudal appendage neatly tucked in their rear.

People talked about halo around their head but all Doosra saw was horn.

Let's face the truth, it derived immense satisfaction from bashing Oz cricketers, any will do. The only thing that gave marginally little more joy is bashing Lalit Modi.

That, however, is hardly the big deal since it's a cottage industry in the west where people of late are demanding a probe against the IPL ringmaster's possible collaboration with Conrad Murray in Michael Jackson's death inquiry.

Doosra's consistent approach towards the Oz players notwithstanding, it never occurred in the wildest of nightmares that some of them, done and dusted with their career and looking for some activity, would secretly meet in a dingy Brisbane hall to guzzle gallons of beer before arriving at the unanimous conclusion that Doosra is a threat to the society.

One of them, Ashley Mallett, went on to the extent of calling Doosra illegal!

Well, that gives you a fair idea of the cloud of crisis hovering over Doosra.

Shane Warne was part of the sly summit too but he apparently kept puffing his B&H and texting from his prolific cellphone, occasionally surfacing to nod his head in affirmation.

Doosra found itself completely alone in its hour of crisis, not a single voice of solidarity in the earshot.

That is till the messiah surfaced in Jalandhar, springing to the defence of the beleaguered.

Thank you Bhajji.


Naked Cricket said...

Clearly you're not one short cuts. But then again, you showed some restraint, this post could have gone on for 5 days with a rest day thrown in. Finally a positive result, on Bhajji's last ball! No prizes for guessing what he bowled.

But was it legal?

straight point said...

it almost look like that bhajji's response was ghost commented...since there was enough provocation for him...i was looking fwd to more peppy one from him...

infact this is the idea for another post...

7 statements that bhajji would have made on 'doosra'...? :)

Som said...

NC, Bhajji's was very much legal. And there is no 15 degree flexion in my ethic book.

Som said...

SP, trust me I didn't ghost Bhajji's riposte and he did not post this piece either.

Cricket Tragic said...

Mr. Som,

As the true owner of the name Lalit Modi, I hereby order you to pay me $1 gazillion in damages for using my name and another $5 mazillion for slandering me!

Please meet me in the Lalitus Modius Courts in LModiland tomorrow or YOU SHALL BE SERVED!


Som said...

Mr Modi alias Cricket Tragic, I'm really trembilng in terror. You said I would be served if I don't appear in the LModiland tomorrow. If you are so keen to serve, I'll request you to include non-veg only in the menu. See you sir.:)