Sunday, 19 July 2009

The curious case of Mitchell Johnson

Hindi films are littered with such instances.

When it comes to choosing between devil and deep sea, fire and frying pan, hemlock and hanging, an average -- in other words docile, domesticated - Indian lad is more prone to siding with his mom, leaving his lady love high and dry.

But son's devotion towards the maternal tribe in Australia is apparently as endangered as wallabies there. Much to the dismay of Oz motherhood, their imbecile sons more or less turn turtle, figuratively speaking, whenever they come 5 KMs within a PYT.

In other words, head over heels to the point of doubting their very genesis and starting to believe that they probably were jettisoned on mother earth by some passerby aliens.

No sense of gratitude at all. Rather, preferring to putting the arm around a tender shoulder and giving the Mom a cold shoulder.

But Motherhood does not sit idle and sob in the corner. She exacts revenge.

She stands at the door of the fool's paradise i. e her son's life. There she dopes a starved bull, twists its tail from behind and then flashes the red rag in front before vanishing.

Mitchell Johnson probably didn't know. You can escape the wrath of, say a Robin Hood but not Motherhood. Not even if the girl you dumped your mother for is a karateka.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. If Qualm Doesn't get You, Hurt Motherhood Must.



raj said...

A suggestion to make the last line sharper:
if qualm doesnt get you, mom must :-)

Blessed said...
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Blessed said...

Well said... It does not happen in India very often luckily. I mean I personally have not witnessed any such instance.. There was this story narrated to me when I was a kid..
Extract from the Spartacus by Howard fast--titled Mother's heart..A mother who loved her son but as he stepped into his youth, he fell in love with a woman. This woman asked for gift and the gift was his mother's heart.
To fulfill the wish of his love, he took a knife and tore his mother's heart out..
With mother's heart in his hands, he rushed to the woman he loved. Out of the rush, he fell as he crossed the forest, He ran to pick up the precious heart which would buy him a woman's love, and as he bent over it, he heard the heart say, 'My son, my son..did you hurt yourself when you fell..?'
No love can meet a mother's love.. it is out of this and all worlds..

Som said...

Raj, it's indeed sharper, so much so that you can sharpen your pencil here:)

Raj, welcome to Doosra and keep coming.

Som said...

Dreamy, that's a sad, poignant story. Hope Mitchell Johnson regains his sanity soon and spares a little care for his mom as well. Amen.

Gaurav Sethi said...
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Gaurav Sethi said...

What, another 'Teri Ma Ki!'

Som said...

NC, exactly so!

straight point said...

bet nc to come up comment like that... :)

tho we predicted his potential demise very early...

Som said...

SP, armed with a parrot and a pack of cards, NC already has an alternate career option ready!