Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Buchanan's boot camp beans spilled!

Adam Gilchrist does not say whether Warne alluded to the female members in John Buchanan's family when he badmouthed the coach.

Gilly, however, does say that spin rivals Warne and Stuart McGill buried their hatchets and turned comrade-in-arms against Buchanan's boot camp idea.

Asked to strip down to the bare minimum, Gilchrist does not disclose his own brand but he 'reveals' Warne's uses 'Playboy' undies, memorably depicted in a UK tabloid.

Gilly tells when asked to deposit 'dependent medication', Mike Hussey handed over asthma inhaler, while Warne reluctantly submitted five packets of Benson & Hedges!

Gilly reveals their media manager, also put through the drill, threw up in a bush but survived to tell the tale.

Gilly divulges three guys had to share "a tin of chunky soup" and "half a loaf of bread" in dinner and there was neither cellphone nor any plump British nurse for Warne.

A grenade went off outside their camp and the cricketers had to run 5 km in pitch dark. While others started unpacking, Warne was busy with his "dependent medication" i.e. Benson & Hedges.

Now, don't tell me you need further reasons to buy "True Colours: My Life" by Adam Gilchrist.


Viswanathan said...

Good one Som! A good follow up to your Ashes menu.:)

Som said...

Ottay, thanks. Glad you liked it. Did you see the News of the World pix earlier?

Amit Kumar Das said...

No doubt, Warne doesn't misses a chance to spit venom on Bukha-nan..:)
....I seriously doubt the Kolkata Knight Riders might have undertaken a similar camp ... may be somewhere near Sundarban much to the chagrin of Ganguly.....:)

Som said...

Anorak, a boot camp in S'ban would have been meeting of the Royal Bengal Tigers and we know which one would have survived the meeting.

Viswanathan said...

I didn't. When did u write it?

Som said...

Ottayan, I don't remember writing about it in my blog but saw the pix and decided to give the link here for larger public consumption:)