Monday, 22 June 2009

Roaring of the Pariah

Only those with a boulder for a heart would grudge Pakistan's T20 triumph. Let's admit, no other team needed it more.

For a nation where an entire generation is growing up inhaling air thick with gunpowder and switching on the TV only to be told where the last bomb had gone off, finally there is something to cheer about.

Despite all the pretensions, cricket can't heal the gaping wounds that terror inflicts daily on Pakistan's soul. But at least it can apply some balm and that's no mean achievement for any sport.

And it was sort of poetic justice that two terror-ravaged teams reached the T20 final, thus allowing their terrorised populace a fortnight long escape from reality.

Sangakkara, take a bow. Sri Lanka has been a jewel in cricket's crown but let's admit, Pakistan deserved it.

Who can grudge Younus Khan? A plain-speaking Pathan who is perhaps the biggest critic of his own brand of reluctant leadership. And still you had people who don't like him because he smiles even in defeat!

Shahid Afridi may not wield the most aesthetic willow but who can deny that he is an entertainer extraordinaire? It's players like him who bring people to ground and keep the game alive.

Unless Pakistan won it, how would you know that Abdul Razzaq is far better a player to waste his time plying trade in an irrelevant jambooree -- unseen, unsung.

Who grudges Misbah in his redemption? The albatross is finally off his neck and those mean jokes would no more ring in his ears.

It's sad that the Pakistani players are often perceived as a bunch of crooks always up some dirty tricks to make the ball behave as if it has a mind of its own. Often they are the butt of ugly commentary box jokes.

Is it just because they don't rattle in English? History witness, the Poms strayed into World Cup finals not once or twice but thrice but never really ran the risk of winning it despite speaking chaste English.

Well done, Pakistan!


Zaheer said...

Great article. It's going great guns that PAKISTAN has won 20/20 tournament after coming so close in the inaugural.

Well done, boys as you have given the beleagured nation something to savor and forget for a moment all other troubles which has besieged the country. Keep it going and bring the Champions Trophy home as well in September 2009.

Ottayan said...

Well done Pakistan. As for the snotty the commentary box - let us all say a collective 'go to hell'.

Satrajit said...

Well said SOM. This victory will do a lot of good for the ever emerging Pakistan cricket. Watch out for this team in the future. Hope they don't get carried away like India did.

Also, have to give a whole lot of credit to Bob Woolmer for recognizing Afridi's bowling talent and holding him back to the side.

And yes, love the way Younus Khan approaches his game. An ever-humble guy who can be the face of new and emerged Pakistan cricket. He only needs to learn lessons from his Indian counterpart's mistakes of flying high.

straight point said...

yes as i have said earlier can't merely be the coincidence that both pak-sl appeared in finals...

lets hope it revives the interest in pak cricket and they get to play more 'home' matches...

Som said...

Zaheer, thanks and what a show. Andn Younus only rose in stature by quitting T20. Take a bow captain.

Som said...

Ottayan, I overestimated Lankan bowling in final and thought they would defend even that total!

Som said...

Satrajit, Pakistan is perhaps the most unpredictable side ever and I can't bet they would be able to defend the title next year.

Som said...

SP, if not 'home' matches, let them host matches in UAE.

straight point said...

som...that's why i quoted 'home' matches... :)

Som said...

SP, getting my eyes checked soon...)

Lucifer's thoughts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Satrajit said...

Forget abt T20 Som. This win will boost their ODI performance as well and they are pitched well against others in Champions Trophy.

Remember the way India convincingly won the series against Oz after winning the T20 World Cup.

Som said...

Satrajit, interesting analogy. But while India has struck a consistent note under MSD, I'm not sure about Pakistan. Consistency is not the thing that comes to your mind when you think Pakistan:)

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