Friday, 27 November 2009

Kanpur Test Day 4

# Life imitates cricket:

There are things that vary from city to city. And then there are that do not.

Like men of dubious upbringing trying to bring down every wall by sheer urea power. Amazing How the spirit that fell the Berlin Wall is still smouldering in far away India!

Like autowallahs who were uncompromising shearers in previous life.

Or like traffic police warnings.

As you enter Green Park, one such warning screams "Helmet Ki Adat, Pariwar Ki Chahat".

Loosely translated, it basically means every time you kickstart your bike, family members want you to use the helmet. Possibly because your life insurance had lapsed long ago.

An advice of indubitable sagacity indeed.

Had Raman Lamba heeded to that, he would not have popped up in my memory the moment I saw the writing.

# Liar! Liar!
Sreesanth says Harbhajan is like his elder brother. Well, Dipu Santh's is a rather chubby face and barring a thick moustache, is clean shaven. Now that is called stretch of imagination.

# Yours Faithfully:

Outside the stadium, couple of fans tell a local channel that they always knew Sreesanth will stage a comeback.
Once through, one of them hail a riskshaw. The rickshaw-puller wants to know his destination. It still rings in my ear. "Faithfulgunj".

# Marriages, here and there:

News filters in that Gautam Gambhir would skip next Test due to sister's wedding. Press box is abuzz, would Australia allow such a thing? Someone explains "There you can always make it to any of the weddings of your sister." Now that is mean.


straight point said...

would Australia allow such a thing?

definitely... with gambhir in such form of his life... even they would have allowed him to go... :)

poonam said...

Why is all ur ridicule reserved for the Australians??? beats me.

Rishabh said...

I have already started feeling sad to see him missing the next test. Seems like Murali Vijay will be drafted in for partnering Sehwag.

Aussies would have certainly allowed him to go. In fact any cricket board can let any player go due to family concerns.

Dharmendra said...

There may be different opinion. If they ( cricketers ) said country is their first priority then he should play as India needs his service but I think he is right. After go through your post a hindi song struck in my mind हम बहनों के लिए मेरे भैया आता है एक दिन साल में, आज के दिन रहो कहीं चले आना हर हाल में..... this is for raksha bandan and he will attend sister's wedding . Som this is bigger then Rakhi.

Som said...

SP, hehehe.

Som said...

Poonam, beats me too. BTW, and the quip was made by "SOMEONE" in the press box and not your sincerely.

Som said...

Risabh, right you are. Not bad for M Vijay. When there are just no vacancies, you pray for these things to open the door for you. Hope he makes it count.

Som said...

Dharmendraji, that song was really emotional. And no doubt it's way bigger than Rakhi.

raj said...

I thought one Australian paid heavily for attending his own marriage?

raj said...

In the context of the above comment, too bad Australia dont have a Dinesh karthik, who can fill-in for anything - even as a bridegroom?

Som said...

Raj, my heart bleeds for DK. He never knows where he heads next and why.

scorpicity said...

Well if it was Australia, they would allow Gambhir to skip a test to pay his girlfriend's electricity bill.

Beats none frankly LOL. Good one Som.

Som said...

Scorpy, swear, Cricket Australia takes girl friends very seriously!

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