Saturday, 7 November 2009

Dinesh Karthik at peace with himself

Assume you are a keeper and you swing a decent bat.

But you pass through the corridor and realize not a single door is ajar, let alone open.

For starters, Gang Lord keeps wicket himself!

You want an opening. In fact, you are open to opening.

But you also know that you'd be lynched if heard of even dreaming about replacing either The God or his Protégé.

You push the door of Protégé’s Protégé and realize it's bolted from inside.

You hurry past the Preening Prince's door, for he can be in foul mood.

You bow before Gang Lord's door and cross those of his Lead Lackey, Punk Pal and the Rockstar and realize it's a dead end.

What do you do?

You take your gloves off, ask somebody else to keep wicket and roll your arms over.

Apparently, Dinesh Karthik bowled against Railways in the Ranji Trophy.

No one saw him bowl – except this scorecard. Not even the batsmen he allegedly bowled to!

Is he a dibbly-dobbler? Or a pie-chucker? Maybe a purveyor of right-arm filth?

Whatever. Karthik at least knows he can't be blamed for not trying enough.


Naked Cricket said...

Karthik met his match, and so did Kartik. One took the road less traveled and bowled, the other Railways.

I can't get over Kartik's comment that it takes two deliveries to prise out two tailenders.

namya said...

Poor DK,

maybe switching over to CSK in the IPL from DDD may help.. Because the Lord has started bowling himself as well

Som said...

NC, I think the Neo stint has further sharpened Kartik's step-mother tongue.

Som said...

Namya, at least in DDD, DK is in the playing XI as the first keeper. At CSK, you already have The Gang Lord and the Puny Patel, which would make DK the 3rd stumper there.

straight point said...

poor dk today's emergency man of indian cricket... this was the only option left to him... but as the luck would have it... he came distant second in this endeavor too...

Som said...

SP, the man surely is desperate.

Sujith said...


I hear Dinesh Karthik wants to clone himself 10 times so that he can field a team of 11 DKS (a couple of letters more and this comment would be rated "R"), and take on the rest of the world on his own.

Som said...

Sujith, welcome to Doosra. BTW, I have a memory, not unlike the one Aamir Khan had in Ghajini. So keep coming:)

scorpicity said...

He is destined to be one of those plastic cups being sold outside a wine shop. sad but true.

Som said... portrayed a rather grim but true picture of DK's fate.

Karthikeyan said...

DK will rock