Sunday, 22 November 2009

How 7 cricketers are preparing for Kanpur Test

1. Rahul Dravid: Plans an interaction with the IIT Kanpur faculty there. Nothing stimulates him on the eve of a Test like a free-wheeling chat on aerodynamics;

2. Amit Mishra: An interaction with ITI Kanpur faculty to explore the prospects of its mobile repairing diploma course;

3. Virender Sehwag: Toying with the idea of visiting any of the tanneries. You can't have a better place to hone your butchering and skinning skill.

4. S Sreesanth: Well, no temple/mosque/church/gurdwara is safe in the town where he lands. Humanity is yet to see a man more convinced that only a divine intervention can win him a place.

5. Harbhajan Singh: Allen Forest Zoo. His sinister motive being to first find a monkey and then call it names, including Symonds.

6. VVS Laxman: A trip to the Luv Kush barrage, purely out of avancular affection;

7. MS Dhoni: Nostalgic 15 minutes at the Kanpur Railway Station, to relive his days as ticket checker in Kharagpur;

(P.S. Doosra is in Kanpur for 2nd Ind-SL Test. Expect lot of actions over the next five days.)


Sujan Rao said...

Top stuff !!

Sreesanth one was the best of all :)

Purna said...

Dhoni can spend more than 15 minutes. Karthik has been called to replace him I heard.

Karthik replacing Dhoni. Now that's messed up. Whose your vice-captain Som?

Som said...

Sujan, thanks a lot:)

Som said...

Purna, can't be too optimistic about DK. He gets these kind of call-ups now and then but nothing materialises.

Shailesh said...

Short and great!!
My fav - Bhajji, Mishra, and Sree!

straight point said...

...and all this while curator is planning another CONpur test pitch... :)

great stuff som!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! - love number 5 LOL

poonam said...


Som said...

Shailesh, went by KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) mantra:)

Som said...

SP, thanks Bandhu:)

Som said...

Sidthe..can see that smile beaming:) thanks.

Som said...

Poonam ji...blame it on the company I keep:)

Anorak said...

Sachin: Well, he is in search of a grass(no is not trying to dope). It is a wheatgrass which have
'anti-ageing benefits'. (not to mention his hidden desire to break Wilfred's record). :)
keep walking!!!

Som said...

Anorak, or Sachin is planning to reply to the latest Samna article with a duck in the Mumbai Test.

Ankit Poddar said...

no surprises here! top stuff!

though, you are being a little harsh on mishra there!

and yeah, we expect fireworks from doosra, or at least ireworks!

Som said...

Ankit, that ireworks rock! BTW, have to admit gone little harsh on Mishra justr after one bad outing. But without that exeggeration, my blog is nothing. Hope Mishra appreciates that:) said...

Thank you for your post, pretty helpful material.

Anonymous said...

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