Tuesday, 10 November 2009

World Jason Krejza Day!

Tasmania is up in arms.

Writers have put down their pen. Painters have brushed aside their brush and minstrels are rehearsing mutinous songs.

Flags across Tassie have slid to half mast and black armband sales have reported all-time high.

Agitated senators are clearing their throat and testing the robustness of their pipes.

Even Spirit of Tasmania refuses to budge and stays put at Devonport.

The cry has gone out that Jason Krejza may not be Abel Tasman but Able Tasman he surely is.

And the Island of Inspiration would brook no such nonsense!

Since his sensational debut, Krejza has been treated as a pariah.

But then every dog has its day and today is 'World Jason Krejza Day'.

Will Australia survive Tasmania's wrath?


Cricket Tragic said...

Man, can believe how time flies! I still remember being in an internet cafe in the middle of a class to soak it all up! It was absolutely Krazy! An Aussie offie taking 8 wickets in an innings on debut against a class batting lineup....doesn't get any Krazier! :D

Som said...

CT, the entire Tasmania has indeed gone Krazy! More so when they hav their own man at the helm!

straight point said...

they are unstoppable now coz they all wished to god to be kind and injure hauritz as well... but...

Som said...

SP, god is so un-Tasmanian!

scorpicity said...

World Jason Krejza day!! A killer! We should celebrate this every year on Bored.

Som said...

Scorpicty, even Don Bradman didn't have a day named after him!

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Som said...

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