Sunday, 8 November 2009

Promote PK, for the Doc's sake!

40 not out, 1, DNB, 16, 9, 54 not out.

May not look Bradmanesque but then Bradman did not have to bat at No. 9 like Praveen Kumar.

And on two occasions, he was run out, indubitably the dastardliest way to nix a No. 9 batsman.

No corporate entity with an ounce of soul and an iota of sense would waste time in recognising and rewarding such a worker.

Let's face it. PK is way too good to be wasted at no. 9. He deserves promotion.

Don't dare you curl your lips and say "What if..."

If denied, I'm afraid he will be more of pique than PK and hit the bottle. After all, there is a little bit of Devdas in all of us.

And once spirited, he would go about the town, bashing doctors.

At least for the neighbourhood doc's sake, please promote PK.


Shrawan Raja said...

lol..I think PK's got the goods. He can be groomed and he will very well be the batsman India has been looking for to wag the tail a bit longer.

Som said...

Shrawan, welcome to Doosra. And keep coming:)

scorpicity said...

Pk for president. Lost by 3 votes.

Som said...

Haha, Scorpi, good one. Meerut would be India capital then.