Sunday, 1 November 2009

Introducing Tendulkar, the grandpa!

First he was boy wonder who looked skywards in search of his deceased father whenever he hit a ton. Then he fathered Arjun and Sara and announced on telly "Mai bhi ek pitaa hun" (I'm also a father).

Doosra knows he is a godfather as well, to some of his younger teammates. But what we did not know, till last night, is that he is a grandfather too, at the tender age of 36!

Yuvraj Singh let the cat out of the bag.

"We have started calling him grandfather," Yuvraj said.

"He is an amazing man and I don't think any other player can go on to play for 20 years or more likle he has," Yuvraj gushed.


Naked Cricket said...

A great grandfather at that

Som said...

NC, admit. Bowlers should touch his feet, seek his blessing and inquire about arthritis before bowling at him.

Cricket Tragic said...

eh, eh, that's a team secret!

Som said...

CT, I could not follow the family tree!