Monday, 31 August 2009

A whiff of IPL in F1

The resemblance is so uncanny and I'm not alluding to the picture above but trying to make a point.

A crap outfit owned by a fat, flamboyant tycoon fond of booze, babe and bling.

So profound is self-doubt that they can't win even when served on a platter. Butt of all dirty jokes around.

The only gain from Season One is the backmarker's tag that hangs like albatross.

Season Two and the innocuous-looking David pulls off shock of the season and slays unsuspecting Goliaths to finish second best!

And the guy who led the turnaround is on the wrong side of 30s.

Is it IPL 2 or Formula 1?

Is it Force India or Royal Challengers Bangalore?

And does Anil Kumble know Giancarlo Fisichella?

In these turbulent times, lay-off maybe of the essence. But Mr Mallya, retain the guy whoever is writing your script.

P.S. What a relief, I don't have to credit the picture! On your right, Force India driver Fisichella. On your left, the driving force behind Doosra. Their paths crossed in 2007 Australian GP.

P.P.S. After the Belgian GP, both Mallya and Fisichella talked to a few of us from Spa-Francorchamps through teleconference. After Fisichella had won the pole position on Saturday, Mallya described it the most memorable day of his F1 career. I inquired if he would issue a correction now.

"Can't really swap it, you know. Pole position was an achievement in itself and would go down in history. Similarly today's podium finish would also go down in history," boomed the husky voice. So eat your heart out because your history book just got fatter.


Soulberry said...

It's working well for Mallayya!

If only he could pull off a bailout from the government...

Naked Cricket said...

Som, you should be on Mallaya's yacht off Monaco.

SB, Bailout indeed

Som said...

SB, Mallya shud sent Kumble/Fisichella to Door-knob Mukherjee and the FM would readily agree:)

Som said...

NC, pre-Belgium, I thought his yacht was sinking and deserted it prematurely:(

Christopher Poshin David said...

Mallaya and his.........

Som said...

CPD, tried to fill in the blanks but could not really make it big:)

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Som said...

Riya, send a bouquet to Mallya on my behalf and, I maintain, put it in Lalit Modi's account.