Thursday, 13 August 2009

Happy Bored Day, BCC!

Dateline August 13, 2008:

A jewellery shop burgled in Alappuzha.

HIV prevalence found on the rise in Belgaum.

A sugar factory in Bidar reported loss.

And Petroleum Minister Murlitharan…it could be Murli Deora as well…ruled out a cut in fuel price.

On the same fateful days, some mad hatters gathered in a dingy room somewhere in Delhi to hatch a dark conspiracy and then unleashed it on the blogosphere with unbridled glee.

The venerable Sachin Tendulkar had once said, turn stones thrown at you into milestones. A sureshot way to make your detractors look pretty silly, no doubt about that.

And after a year-long of tireless chiseling, the stone finally looks like a milestone indeed!

Happy Bored Day, BCC!


Naked Cricket said...

Happy Bored Day Som!

The stoned into a milestone.

Som said...

Happy Bored Day NC.

Christopher Poshin David said...

Happy Bored day mates.....

Think you know alot about cricket???
Test your cricket knowledge


Som said...

CPD, a belated Happy Bored Day.