Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Tendulkar says he is hurt by Chappell’s allegations

Indian cricket is in a terrible mess. It’s a house divided, with each and every member of the family looking at each with suspicion. Never ever we got the feeling that a storm was brewing under the apparent calm exterior.

A deeply hurt Sachin Tendulkar finally broke the silence and said he was shattered after what came as the worst phase of his illustrious career.

Dragged in the Greg Chappell vs Team India Seniors battle, the big little champion is stunned by the coach’s allegation that the senior pros in the side behaved like “mafia” and undermined captain Rahul Dravid’s authority. Sourav Ganguly, Zaheer Khan, Virender Sehwag, Ajit Agarkar, Harbhajan Singh et al are reported to be at the end of Chappell’s ire.

Irked senior players are waiting to meet BCCI top brass to give their version of the story and they claim Chappell shattered their confidence, created a sense of insecurity among them, did not talk to them for 3-4 days and more importantly, often leaked confidential reports to the media.

This seems an unprecedented chaos in Team India and when BCCI meets in Mumbai on April 6-7, they would have to make a choice between Chappell and the Senior players. Indeed, no one could have scripted the horror story better.

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