Wednesday, 18 April 2007

He's back! Well, he claims so...

Those who thought we’ve seen the last of Shoaib Akhtar can take a walk. The erratic “Rawalpindi Express” has emerged out of the blue and back is his swagger.

Shoaib, who these days is slugging at Lahore’s National Cricket Academy under NCA chief coach Mudassar Nazar’s watchful eyes, claims he has given himself four months to return. Now, God save Pakistan cricket.

And yes, he insists he was dropped from Pakistan’s World Cup squad because of injury and not because he had failed a privately-conducted dope test in London.

“I was dropped from the team because of my injury. We underwent no private dope tests,” Shoaib said. Did anyone listen, let alone believe?

“I have a great equation with Mudassar who has worked with me before and understands me as a person and bowler,” said Shoaib. We can only pray for Mudassar.

And if you have had not enough, sample this.

“I am learning to be a little more diplomatic and I have grown up,” Shoaib said. We are enlightened.

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