Saturday, 7 April 2007

Chappell hospitalised in Mumbai

The emotional turmoil seemed to have taken its toll on an otherwise stoic Greg Chappell's health and the Australian has been rushed to Bombay Hospital on Saturday.

His wife, Judy, said Chappell was feeling uneasy since last night and was taken to the hospital due to an anxiety attack.

Chappell and his wife were scheduled to leave on Saturday night for Singapore after having postponed their departure by a day as the former Australian captain became indisposed.

A spokesperson of the hospital, however, said that Chappell had been brought to the hospital 'for a check-up and had not been admitted.

"He was brought to the hospital and has been receiving a checkup at the hospital. He has not been admitted and there is presently no cause for concern. He would leave the hospital after the checkup," he added.

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ankurindia said...

he should take game as game . it should not affect his health