Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Brett Lee on song!

Batsmen are made to face the music whenever Brett Lee reaches his bowling mark. But the affable bloke proves he’s not about chin music only.

Currently missing World Cup action with an ankle injury, Brett Lee is in India to lay the platform for a successful post-retirement career.

Lee, who penned, sang and appeared in the romantic duet "You're The One For Me" along with Bollywood icon Asha Bhonsle, announced in Delhi that he will cut an album in India by the end of this year.

Lee, along with brother Shane, plays in the band Six & Out and claims he has been offered a few roles in Bollywood movies. Though it’s still cricket which tops his agenda, Lee says, “"Definitely my aim is to star in a Bollywood movie but it has to be in a right time but it definitely will happen.”

Lee knows he can rake in the maximum moolah in India, a completely cricket-crazy country and he left no stone unturned in his preparation. He has a Hindi tutor too and when a large battery of reporters were lining up in a queue for one-to-one, Lee was heard urging them “Jaldi, Jaldi” !

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