Monday, 9 April 2007

BCCI likely to ease endorsement strangulation

We surely have not seen the last of the endorsement row. After Rahul Dravid made a plea on his teammates’ behalf for a healthy dialogue with the board, BCCI responded by saying it’s ready to consider any "fair representation" by the cricketers on the twin contentious issues of contracts and endorsements.

BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah said the board enjoys a healthy relation with the players and "Any fair representation by the players can always be considered by the BCCI."

This would surely encourage the cricketers who were hit where it hurts most after their World Cup debacle.

Earlier, Dravid issued a media release claiming “there is no conflict between the players’ and the BCCI” even on the “irksome issues” of endorsement and contract.

Following is Dravid’s e-mail to the media:

A number of journalists have been calling me to seek the players’ point of view on the contracts and player endorsements. So far we have got all our information from the media only. It is not correct to project this whole issue as a conflict of commercial interests of the players and the BCCI. Let me clarify that there is no conflict between the players’ and the BCCI. The interests of the players’ and the BCCI are inclusive and not exclusive. The BCCI has always been very caring and considerate about the players’ interests and I am sure that the BCCI would discuss the issue with the players at a suitable time. When this opportunity arises then we shall jointly examine the areas of concern and bother and crease out the irksome issues and work out a package that can take care of the collective interests and concerns of the BCCI and the players. I have spoken to Ravi Shastri and a number of the players and they all feel that with a healthy dialogue with the board which there always has been all issues can be sorted out. Meanwhile I would request the media and the fans to please show some restraint .We have had a disappointing World Cup and it is important that we all work together as the various stake holders in the game to help improve and take our cricket forward.


Rahul Dravid

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