Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Subhash Chandra does a Kerry Packer, launches Indian Cricket League!

This is surely going to be an interesting case as Subhash Chandra’s Zee Group just launched Indian Cricket League (ICL) with a lucrative $1m purse.

Chandra, however, insists it’s not taking on BCCI and described it as a “complimentary” venture.

Fuelled by a Rs 100 cr corpus, the ICL would have six teams or clubs in its initial year. Within 3 years the number of teams would be increased to 16. Each team in the league would have 4 international players. The league, an annual feature, is expected to take-off around October this year.

I saw Ajay Jadeja on a TV channel and quite liked his view.

“ICC is the lone company marketing cricket and it’s a complete monopoly. It’s too early to comment on whether it would survive or not but consumers surely benefit when there is competition in the market.”

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