Saturday, 10 October 2009

Show me a Domenech in cricket!

Son of a Catalan escapee of the Spanish Civil War, Raymone Domenech was known as "Leg-Breaker" for his approach to soccer in general and the Femur, Patella, Tibia and Fibula of the rival strikers in particular.

He is a former theatre actor, fortune-teller, tarot card-reader and happens to be the manager of the French football team who once took Zinedine Zidane & Co to watch Samuel Beckett's play "Endgame" on the eve of an important match.

And he once used a post-match interview to ask his partner to marry him!

So it's probably not surprising that the manager, at 57, managed to inspire a porn actress-turned-singer to record a song -- I Fancy Raymond -- that has become a rage in France.

"And if he attacked my penalty areas I would be without defenders," cooed the cupid-struck singer.

Now sample the lady-killers cricket has to offer.

Gary Kirsten, India: Alas Persis Khambatta is no more, for only Lt Ilia could fall for such baldness. Only redeeming trait is distributing sex dossier among Indian cricketers these days;

Andy Flower, England: Has a feminine facade. Was a wicket-keeper, which means never bowled a maiden over in his entire career, forget evoking a love song from a porn star;

Intikhab Alam, Pakistan: At the young age of 68, he prefers pain-killer, than being lady-killer;

Tim Nielsen, Australia: to start with, you are never sure which way he looks at. And you can’t speak highly of someone who has no qualms about planting his bum on the same seat that has been contaminated by John Buchanan’s posterior;

Mickey Arthur, South Africa: With the name of a cartoon character and an appearance to match, he can’t even complain if a girl comes and takes the Mickey out of him;

Andy Moles, New Zealand: The surname itself speaks the story. He shakes like custard and has a face which excites only anti-obesity campaigners. In fact so fat that you can actually slice him and have two coaches, if you want.



achettup said...

Oops, I read that as "Show me a Dominatrix in cricket" and was going to link to your previous post, I mean a nic name like Stalker gets the masochistic juices flowing. Oh dear, I think I've said too much :$

I am sure that somewhere right now, hundreds of pornstars are busy, madly scribbling lyrics to the delightfulDavid Williams.

/wishes he could find pictures of women who paint "ACHETTUP" on their tummies, but only if the two colors used are blue and orange.

Som said...

Achettup, you transport me to another world. The prospect of having your name written on tummies is so tempting that given such a situation, I would be the last to fuss about colours.

straight point said...

but i would definitely mind the tummies on which my name is getting imprinted... ;-))

Som said...

SP, would love to hear the details :>

Naked Cricket said...

To that Moles will say, we won the t20s

Som said...

NC, Moles stinks.

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