Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Bit of Ramayana in Champions League!

First he cut Shurpnakha's nose. And then he cut a sorry figure in the Mission Sister-in-Law Recovery in Lanka.

I mean you can't really speak highly of someone who bit dust after receiving a KO punch within seconds of his only significant bout against Meghnad with the referee counting beyond the customary 10.

His scruples will tell him that he owes Hanuman a drink after the Great Indian Monkey God -- hope Andrew Symonds reads this piece -- flew in with the restorative.

Imagine Hanuman doing the perfect clean-and-jerk with the mountain and you know who pioneered weightlifting techniques!

But sticking to the point, after 14 years in exile -- an educative one at that -- Lakshman could not be mocked anymore as a lax man.

You can safely say that Lakshman returned from Lanka a much-improved man.

Now consider Laxman.

He used to play T20 with an 'L' sign. But a stint in Lancashire and he now gives Gilchrist an inferiority complex!

It's no less an epic story in which Laxman returns from Lanca, a much-improved man.


Leela said...

Yeah.. a good trip to Sri Lanca indeed!!

Ankit Poddar said...

Who would be the Hanuman in this Lanca story?!

Funny, Symonds also plays for DC!

No, the above statements are not co related!

Som said...

Leela, there must be something in the water of Lanka/Lanca that does wonder for the Lakshmans/Laxmans.

Som said...

Ankit, bang on. Laxman does not need to look beyond his IPL team to find Hanuman.

poonam said...

Very imaginative ... Lakshman/Laxman... Lanka/Lanca. Nice one.

poonam said...

Very imaginative ... Lakshman/Laxman... Lanka/Lanca. Nice one.

Som said...

Thank you ma'm. Hope that atones for my violence-laden outburst involving an innocuous cellphone:)

hemanth said...

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Soulberry said...

He's completed his CV, but LOIs and Laxman will remain an inadequately explored territory.

Som said...

SB, so indeed. That'x next on my agenda.