Monday, 30 September 2013

7 Indian Neologisms

1. Aaramkhor (n) : Idle loafer.
"!&?@#!#%&! You misfielded again!" Virat Kohli thundered into Rohit Sharma’s eardrum. "We are working our socks off and here you are loafing around! Saale aaramkhor!"
2. Agreeculture (n): Corporate culture where subordinates mindlessly agree to whatever their boss says.
The CEO is an ignorant moron but his subordinates don’t have the guts to tell him that. It’s a company which expects you to agree to whatever the boss says. I can't survive in an agreeculture like that.
3. Andolone (n): Fight a movement alone.
Anna Hazare began his anti-establishment movement alone before the Arvind Kejriwals joined him. Till then it was Andolone.
4. Artifacial (n+adj) : Beauty parlour.
After the IPL spot-fixing scandal ended his cricket career, Sreesanth opened an artifacial shop in Kochi.
5. Solemate (n) : Friends who share footwear.
Few were surprised as Greg Chappell turned up in the press conference in Sourav Ganguly’s Kolhapuri chappals. They are known solemates after all.
6. Detergentleman (n): Male dhobi.
His Bollywood career gone up in smoke, Uday Chopra is trying to eke out a living as a determined detergentleman.
7. Emptea (adj) : State of the tea cup which has just been drained.
India’s most popular TV anchor, a human volcano, is actually a henpecked husband, often seen washing emptea cups at home to please his dominant wife.


ekita said...

Brilliant..brilliant.. loved it :-)
( teach me some thesaurus if you wanna read different word in comment..:-D)

Som said...

@Ekita, you are very kind, thanks :)

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