Monday, 22 March 2010

Unveiling Pune Pupas...err...Pune Pachyderms

Lalit Modi has delivered! And lo! it’s a twin!

Metaphorically speaking, lest I’m misquoted. ‘Delivering the goods’ is how it goes, if you know your metaphors well.

So at best, Modi merely midwifed it.

Well, now that the babies have arrived, the next logical step is the christening ceremony.

So expect the IPL franchisees to summon all their creative bankruptcy and throw up a repulsive name that you never suspected anyone of decent upbringing capable of.

We already have some of the most obnoxious names in circulation and no wonder Pune and Kochi would jump onto the bandwagon, hoping to lower the bar.

Doosra has certain ideas for Pune and it maybe worth a dekko.

If you follow me closely, you’ll see the animal theme is pretty strong in IPL. Logos are littered with lions and bulls and what not!

Why spare the name?

In fact, I foresee a day when Meerut Monkeys will take on Gorakhpur Gorillas and Ballabhgarh Baboons will lock horns with Ootacamund Orangutans and the tournament will be shown on National Geography.

No prize for guessing that Arun Lal -- Piggy to friends, if any -- would be the only commentator to retain his job.

Continuing with the animal theme and showing solidarity to IPL’s save-alliteration-campaign, Pune Ponies seems sensible.

After all, it’s a rookie outfit, new to an existing eight-horse race called IPL.

And when the cookie crumbles, fans can wash their hands of, saying they backed the wrong horse.

Pune Pupas is not bad either, capturing its nascency and promising the caterpillar will become a butterfinger…err...butterfly someday.

Even if not an IPL butterfly, a social butterfly at least?

Pune Puppies sounds smart as well and who better to lead the side than Michael Clarke! Pup is free of engagements at the time of going to press.

Talking about merchandising, Pune Puppies can market footwears that would rival hush Puppies!

In contrast, Pune Pachyderms sounds odd but imposing. It would suggest their immunity to criticism.

It may lack phonetic sophistication but at least getting under their skin would be next to impossible.


shreyosi said...

absolutely hilarious.........brilliant!

Govind Raj said...

Ha Ha Ha...

Pune Pachyderms is a great name. I have already chosen the name for Kochi team: Kerala Warriors, Kochi! They have so many Warriers here!

Come to think of it who else can Captain a Team of Warriors better than our perennial 'Fighter' Srisanth? He has two Sanths in his name: santhakumaran Srisanth. Apart from that, there hardly is any 'Peace' when Sri is around!

Govind Raj said...

And what about Puny Punekars for Pune Team?

The possibility of currently out of favor fellows like Agarkar, Parthiv Patel, Ramnaresh Sarwan playing for Pune team will make it a team of 'All Puny Guys' with one Gorilla to lead!


Satrajit said...

you forgot one commentator: SHERRY

Som said...

Shreoyosi, spreading the smile:)

Som said...

Govind, wait for my Kochi instalment:)

Som said...

Govind, saw the tendency to sound mean? Daredevils for instance? Why not Pune Punters?

Som said...

Satrajit, Sidhu Maharaj has outgrown the prospect of commentary and has signed with a channel to be their in-house laughing gas:)

Govind Raj said...

Actually we all missed the beast... I mean the Best:

Pune Panthers :-)

Som said...

Govind, that's what first came in mind and chances are Sahara guys would opt for that.

Anonymous said...

Pune Marathas

Som said...

Anony, that would be missing the alliteration. I would rather Fancy Pune Paranthas:)

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Som said...

Rony, send a bouquet to Poulami and Poulami, you reciprocate by sending a nosegay got it right, Rony is the name:)

kanda said...

What about Pune "S" Parivaar.. Entire parivaar can strut their stuff..

Satrajit said...

Pune Ponnies

Som said...

Kanda, that's a fresh fodder for thinking:)

Som said...

Satrajit, I insist Pune Pupas sounds better.

certified accountants said...

absolutely hilarious.........brilliant!