Thursday, 10 September 2009

Become official Royal Challengers Bangalore blogger!

At Doosra, we don't do charity. It's better left to a politician's spouse, retired bureaucrats and shrewd corporates.

But you have to make exception at times when the issue concerns the entire blogosphere. And this is surely the first of its kind, at least in this part of the globe.

To get to the nub, Royal Challengers Bangalore is hiring Chief Blogger -- apart from Chief Photographer and Chief Motivator -- for Champions League.

So if you consider yourself a wordsmith and fancy travelling with the team, just have a go at it.

Who knows maybe you'd be dining with Anil Kumble, sharing a (health) drink with Rahul Dravid and even hobnobbing with Katrina Kaif!

The last obviously at your own risk. RCB has made it clear they won't be responsible for any loss of limb or life for any act of indiscretion on your part.

Details are at the RCB website

Remember, your deadline is Saturday, midnight September 20th.

Fake IPL Player is passe. Become real IPL blogger.


straight point said...

i know the pr job is already taken... :)

Som said...

SP, I too know the PR job has already been taken. And I envy the guy:)

straight point said...

stop looking at mirror then... ;D

Som said...

SP, I'm not looking at mirror but mirage:)

mohsin said...

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Som said...


Christopher Poshin David said...

Too bad i'm not jobless......BTW is Mallaya paying???

Som said...

CPD, heard so:) Best part is it's a rare opportunity and professional hacks are not in the fray. And if he doesn't pay in cash, he will pay in kind. Grab those bottles:)

Satrajit said...

It makes good news for our readers. Can I get the contact of the PRO or the copy of the release if any?

Som said...

Satrajit, sure. Best part is it's for common fans. Mailing you the same.

kaex88 said...

haha stopped by the blog, nice to see all the comments. Thanks for helping with the PR Som ;)

The fans are getting an all expense paid trip and will be getting preferred treatment at RCB matches during Champions League. Expenses = accommodation, travel, incidentals. Meeting the team = priceless.

community manager, RCB Fanatic Fans Challenge

Som said...

Hi Nidhi, it was pleasure. And Satrajit must have contacted you by now since he wants to do a story. The world looks sunny and everyone seems happy :)

Anonymous said...

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