Friday, 18 September 2009

Atlas shrugs

With a mean Zeus menacingly cracking the whip, you have to admit that poor Atlas basically had no choice but to fall in line and hold heavens on his shoulder.

In my case, however, running a blog is a matter of choice and not compulsion.

Between me and Atlas, there is a mutual appreciation of the sweats we sweat and the blood we bleed.

Gentlemen-thinking-along-the-same-line stuff, you know.

And we both agree, there comes a time when you ache for break

So Atlas shrugs – he confided to me that Ayn Rand once caught him in the act – and I take a sabbatical.

And if WADA is interested, here are my whereabouts.

I'm off to the sunnier climes of Cooch Behar for the rest of the month, recharging batteries before I return and hit back with vengeance.


pRAFs said...

have fun!

straight point said...

will wait for your vengeance... :)

Naked Cricket said...

You Randy so and so

Som said...

pRAFs, so do you. Have fun, bloggong:)

Som said...

SP, don't make me weak. Already missing blogging!

Som said...

NC, I'm august company in the month of September.

Megha said...

have a good time off Som :)

Som said...

Thanks Megha. can you imagine the kind of backlog I would have when I return! So many posts to catch up with, so many missed commenting opportunities! Hope Devi Durga blesses me with all the energies of the world.:)

scorpicity said...

Enjoy your break... Cheers

Dreamy damsel said...

missing blogging .. hehe!! a little change is okay?...!!

Som said...

Scorpy, thanks and cheers:)

Som said...

Dreamy Damsel, right youi are. A little break is ok. Happy blogging!

Megha said...

Hi Som

Hope Cooch Behar is treating you well :)

Could you please update your blogroll with my new web address


Som said...

Hi Megha, can't really comlpain about the treatment in Cooch Behar:)
And congrats on going DOT COM. Adding it, cheers.

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