Wednesday, 30 April 2008

IPL: Cricket Sans Frontiers

In another world, Ricky Ponting revealing Matthew Hayden’s only chink in the armour to Ashok Dinda could have amounted to treason. Likewise, AB de Villiers tipping off Sehwag on what snaps Dale Steyn’s rhythm could have been a perfect ground to make a Quisling out of the Protea bat.

Thanks to IPL, border – those haphazard scratches on Earth’s lovely round face- stands, if at all, blurred.

I had gone for Delhi Daredevils' practice session yesterday where TA Sekar, AB de Villiers, Rajat Bhatia and Manoj Tiwary were available for media interaction.

Sekar spoke in details how McGrath was mentoring the likes of V Yomahesh, Pradeep Sangwan and even Ferveez Maharoof, teaching them tricks of the trade and secrets of the craft which he learned during the course of his illustrious career.

Sekar said

If you saw the last match, you would remember how McGrath was trying to cool Maharoof who was getting some stick.

de Villiers too made it clear that he would not have any qualms sharing secrets about how to blunt Steyn.

He said

I’m more than willing to discuss the strength and weaknesses of the South African players. I would love to do everything that gives us an edge.

Lambasting IPL is a cottage industry among purists. I too had my fair share of potshots at it, even though I’m neither purists, nor the hoi polloi. But the peep into Delhi Daredevils camp came as a complete eye-opener. IPL has not bowled me over yet but I have to admit that it’s a paradigm shift indeed.


Q said...

It sure is Som.

U remember Ponting talking to Ishant Sharma when he was bowling to Symonds?

Or Murali bowling to Sanga?

And Pollock bowling to Kallis?

Im loving it.

Som said...

Q, this was unimaginable earlier. So heart-warming to see. It's a new order in the world of cricket. Yes, and we are loving it.

Naked Cricket said...

if DeVilliers plays, and so do McGrath and Asif, then who's the fourth import - Mahroof, Dilshan or Vettori.
Is kotla too small for Vettori - even mistimed shots will go. but brings variety, and was sick vs RR. Vital vs. Taylor.
Mahroof, more of the same -but he had a good game here vs RR.
Dilshan -right height for 3D.
Go with Vettori.

Straight Point said...


this is the novelty and USP of IPL...

for cricket lover like me...(and i am sure i am not alone) its like seeing your dream out there in reality...

the permutations and combinations can be endless but the point remain same...

like till now i used to think/dream that what if mcgrath or warne bowls to gilly symonds in real match will they be as successful and destructive...

Som said...

NC, I think Sehwag heard you and went for Vettori who did such a great job against BRC. Sehwag said he did not field the Kiwi in the last two matches becase he was down with food poisoning.