Saturday, 5 April 2008

Get married, get over the blues: Meera tells Shoaib

Shoaib Akhtar has never been accused of listening to his friends and well-wishers. In all probability, he would ignore this one as well. But Pakistani actor Meera, a Shoaib pal, offers a panacea to all the ills that plague the pacer.

According to her, beneath the hulk lies a child with an unusually low tolerance level. Remember how he compounded his crisis by claiming he had been approached in India and South Africa to under-perform? ICC took note of that and its Anti-Corruption Unit officials are on their way to Pakistan to grill Shoaib why he did not reveal it earlier.

Meera, however, has full sympathy for her friend and says

people need to understand that he is very childlike. That’s why he is always very demanding…Just like a child, Shoaib too has a very low tolerance level. He should first think before saying or doing stuff.

And like every good friend, Meera too has a suggestion for Shoaib to overcome the blues.

Shoaib needs to be mature and get married too.


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