Monday, 21 May 2007

Woolmer death now a Bollywood whodunnit!

Hitman, strangulation, al-qaeda, snake venom, poisoned champagne, match-fixing, fatwah. Bob Woolmer’s murder mystery had almost every ingredient – almost because we are yet to discover a sex angle to it – of a Bollywood thriller and hey, it’s quite a possibility now!

Here comes report that Mahesh Bhatt camp, known for churning out films after films on anything illicit – affair, child, and drug – is planning a whodunnit on Woolmer’s death.

According to reports, the proposed movie, to be directed by Kunal Deshmukh, would, however, zero in on a bookie’s love affair and no choice for guessing who’s going to play the lead, Emraan Hashmi the Serial Kisser.

Kunal said he is already speaking to real life bookies so that he can make it quite authentic.

Incidentally, Bhatt seems fascinated by the world of cricket. Last time, we heard he wanted to rope in Shoaib Akhtar for a movie. The “Rawalpindi Express”, however, preferred to be the prankster than “Gangster”.



Anonymous said...

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Akshay said...

Emraan Hashmi played the role of bookie in the movie Jannat. He was a true performer in that movie.

That movie really revealed the ugly face of cricket fixing.