Thursday, 24 May 2007

Maninder gets bail

Maninder Singh got the bail. Few people could believe it when Delhi Police caught him red-handed and it was revealed that the former left-arm spinner has been indulging in it since the decade. With as little as 1.5 gm of cocaine recovered from the former player, the court decided to give him the bail.

"Maninder has confessed that he was a drug addict and consumed drugs to deal with family problems. He first took drugs 10 years ago in Holland," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Narcotics) AS Cheema said.

The bail was granted on a personal surety of Rs.50,000 (approximately $ 1160).

This piece of news caught everyone by surprise. After all, Maninder was one of the few well-behaved players, who hardly vent his anger in public. According to report, he was going through emotional crisis and married life was in tatters.


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