Thursday, 10 May 2007

Mushtaq Ahmed passed on deadly champagne to Woolmer!

(Mushy, under the scanner again/Getty Images)

In another sensational revelation, a Pakistani TV channel has claimed that it was Mushtaq Ahmed who passed on the two champagne bottles laced with weed killer to Bob Woolmer.

Incidentally, the needle of suspicion was pointed at Mushtaq in the West Indies, where his cut-marks on the face provoked many uncomfortable questions.

The ARY TV quoted Pakistan's media manager for the World Cup, Pervez Mir, as saying that Mushtaq received the bottles from some other person before passing them to Woolmer and claimed team manager Talat Ali was also witness to it.

Earlier, British media had reported that a rare weed killer was mixed with champagne, traces of which were found in the glass Woolmer drank from and even in his system.

Mushtaq, indicted in match-fixing case, was a last minute inclusion in Pakistan’s World Cup team, reportedly at the then captain Inzamam-ul Haq’s insistence.

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