Wednesday, 9 May 2007

'Chhota Dada' injures shoulder, ruled out of first ODI


My heart bleeds for Manoj Tiwary. The sprightly chap did everything right -- scored loads and lots of runs, was sharp in the field and even led Bengal with aplomb in the Twenty20 Cup to merit a call-up. But as soon as he landed in Bangladesh, the poor guy hurt his shoulder and now runs the risk of missing the entire ODI series against Bangladesh.

Instead of rubbing shoulder with Team India prima donnas, Manoj this time injured it, while going for a dive during the fielding practice.

"Tiwary was sent for MRI scan and X-rays. These results were reviewed by an orthopaedic specialist and he has been advised rest in sling for 3-5 days and to refrain from activity," BCCI said on the injury report send by physio John Gloster from Dhaka.

The shoulder was injured but it’s actually the heart which must be broken. After all, it was his maiden tour with the stars he had only dreamt of sharing the dressing room with.

Manoj, called ‘Chhota Dada’, was also the star of the conditioning camp in Kolkata, earning praise from his captain, coach and physio. Even Sachin Tendulkar was impressed by the youngster and offered him some batting tips. One can only hope that he takes the setback in stride and returns to the field soon.


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