Sunday, 15 March 2015

To Rahul, With Love ~ Delhi Police

Oh dear Rahul, why make a fuss
Over simple questions and simple answers
What makes you weary?
We got simple query
Fair or dusky?
Baritone or husky?
How is your skin?
Patchy? Porcelain?
Eyes and their colour
Turquoise? azure?
The hair, kindly fill in
Silky, grey and thinning?
Once we get these right
We hit matrimonial site
Find a girl compatible,
So please don't quibble
No need to fret
Kindly co-operate ~ Thanks, Delhi Police

(Pix: AFP)


Anupam Malhotra said...

hahaha ohhh... so that is what its all about... you solved the mystery for all media channels who have been making guesses of all sorts since a long time now.. hahaha :P

Som said...

@Anupam, yes and nobody, except you, credited me. Hope all's well?